PhoneTree® Automated Call and Text Patient Reminders for Healthcare

Streamline Practice Operations With Automated Patient Reminders

Software to deliver automated patient reminders is a must-have tool to reduce patient no-shows while improving office efficiency. With a cloud-based patient reminder solution it’s easy to send patient calls, text messages and email.

Help Patients Stay on Track

Patients lead busy lives too. Reduce no-shows and no-gos, and improve patient compliance, with a gentle reminder at just the right time. With automated patient calling you can send unique messages to each patient for a fraction of what it costs when staff makes calls.

Use automated patient reminders to send:

  • Appointment reminders
  • Special pre-visit instructions
  • Collection notices
  • Recall notices
  • Pre- & post- care instructions
  • And more…

Automated Patient Reminders Are Efficient and Effective

With an automated patient reminder solution your practice can effectively and reliably deliver appointment reminders and other important patient communication.  Once the solution is integrated with your EHR or PMS, calls, texts and emails are sent automatically – freeing up your staff to focus on other tasks, and ensuring that the correct information is delivered in each call. Results are available 24/7 when signed into your account, supporting your audit trail for patient communication.

Calculate Increased Practice Revenue

With the right automated patient reminder solution you can reduce patient no-shows substantially. This has a very direct and quantifiable impact on your practice income. Estimate the revenue your practice can gain from implementing PhoneTree’s patient reminder solution — HealthWave Connect.

How Our HealthWave Connect Solution Works


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