Automated Notifications for the Public Service Sector

Reach Citizens and Constituents Effectively and Efficiently

These days everyone is being asked to do more with less, especially in the public sector. You want to be sure the right people have important information about your services, but resources are limited. An automated calling service with email and text messaging options can improve your relationship with citizens, while saving staff time and improving internal department efficiencies.

Governments and Agencies Can Operate More Efficiently With Automated Notifications

Whether you provide power or water service, trash collection, police and fire protection, court services or some other vital public service, PhoneTree automated calling software and hardware provides you with an affordable communication system that you own and control. In addition to an outbound phone messaging system, we offer automated text messages and emails.

How the Public Sector Uses Automated Calls and Text Messages

  • Service reminders & schedule changes
  • Shut-off notifications
  • Water use restrictions
  • Past due account notifications
  • Health & environmental updates
  • New service notifications
  • Service disruption
  • Jury duty notices
  • Over-due notices for library patrons
  • Staff communication

Automated Notifications Save Money & Hassle

  • Unlimited calling to small or large groups with no required contracts or monthly fees
  • Increase your revenue stream with notices to past-due accounts
  • Automated reporting gives you a record of everyone who was contacted and how

PhoneTree Systems Are User-Friendly

  • Simple for anyone to use with step-by-step call wizard
  • Contacts can be imported from almost any database
  • Easy as 1-2-3 – just choose recipients, record your message, click to send

Improve Citizen Satisfaction With Government Services

  • Messages are delivered quickly and accurately
  • Easy to communicate proactively with citizens about service issues
  • Reduce service cancellations with automated warnings

Many types of government agencies and services use PhoneTree automated messaging. Request a demo to start your PhoneTree system today.

  • Local, State, National Commissions & Boards
  • City Councils
  • Public Transportation
  • Public & Private Utilities
  • Police, Fire, and Sheriff Departments
  • Courts
  • Housing Authorities
  • Libraries
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