Church and Congregation Phone Messaging with PhoneTree Online

Accomplish More With Your Congregation

PhoneTree Online helps you maintain an informed, well-connected congregation. A phone messaging system is critical to building a healthy church family and impactful church ministries. As congregations grow, staff and volunteers need efficient tools to streamline communication. PhoneTree automated phone calls, texts and email messages can help in many ways.

Church Phone Messaging is Better Communication

Faith-based professionals are always striving, not only for better relationships with members of their congregation, but also for increased efficiency as it relates to communicating with them. Making hundreds of individual phone calls to inform a congregation about an emergency event is a poor use of time. A simple, reliable Church Phone Message Service can lead to better, faster, more accurate communication for all.

PhoneTree Online — our cloud-based solution — uses phone, text, and email to save valuable staff time – allowing the focus to be on what’s really important – the people in your congregation. Effective and timely communication is a key element for all faith-based organizations.

Church Phone Messaging Applications

Ways our current faith-based and church partners are using PhoneTree Online:

  • Event reminders
  • Inclement weather notification
  • Urgent messages – emergency preparedness
  • Bereavement announcements
  • Notifications of scheduling changes
  • Prayer Requests / Devotionals

Additional uses for PhoneTree Online Church Phone Message Service:

  • Drive more visitors to your web site – for more information
  • Youth group activities
  • Stewardship campaigns
  • Community service/outreach
  • Connecting with the elderly & homebound
  • Choir rehearsal announcements

Promote community service and church outreach

Increase volunteerism with automated “call for volunteer” requests and community service event reminders.

Foster social engagement

Use PhoneTree Online to announce and update schedules for youth group activities, to send choir & band rehearsal notices, deliver event reminders and to help with visitor follow-up.

Deliver devotionals, encourage stewardship, and much more with PhoneTree Online calling and messaging. The ways in which you can leverage technology to accomplish more with your congregation are virtually limitless.

It’s Easy to Start Your PhoneTree

Our cloud-based church messaging solution — PhoneTree Online — is easy-to-use, and cost-effective. Start a free trial to see for yourself.

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