Automated Phone Call and Text Message Software for Business

Easy-To-Use Phone and Text Messaging Services

As a business owner, you need a way to efficiently and accurately deliver messages to your customers and employees. With a thousand tasks to accomplish in any given day, sometimes delivery notifications, collection reminders or schedule change reminders fall through the cracks – which can lead to unhappy customers. Use PhoneTree Online to automate the process.

Automated Phone Call and Text Message Software for Business

Marketers and business owners know well that it’s usually much harder to acquire a new customer than to retain and grow your relationship with an existing customer.

A key aspect of customer retention is making sure clients are reminded or alerted to what they consider important. To most all customers that would include appointment and service/maintenance reminders. With PhoneTree automated phone call and text message software for businesses, keeping customers informed is simple.

Automated Reminders Improve Profitability

When customers miss appointments you lose money, which is why so many businesses use automated reminders to reduce no-shows. You can also increase revenue by prompting re-orders and maintenance services, and by alerting customers to special promotions.

Here’s how some businesses use their PhoneTree systems to increase revenue:

  • Appointment and meeting reminders
  • Special offers, discounts, promotions for customers
  • Past due notifications
  • Re-order prompting
  • Referral campaigns

Automated Customer Alerts and Reminders Improve Customer Satisfaction

A missed appointment or delivery is frustrating for customers who need your products or services. Improve customer satisfaction and loyalty with automated reminders. Send phone, text or email reminders (any combination) based on the preferences of each customer.

Here’s how some businesses use their PhoneTree systems to improve customer satisfaction:

  • Appointment and meeting reminders
  • Schedule changes and cancellations
  • Service reminders and maintenance tips
  • Pick up and delivery reminders

Automated Phone Calls and Text Messages Streamline Internal Communication

Inclement weather, illness, system failures and more can cause significant operational disruptions. Act quickly to contact staff and implement contingency plans with automated staff alerts, such as:

  • Schedule changes and cancellations
  • Crew call-outs
  • Route delivery changes

Automated Customer Notification Helps Protect Your Business

Beyond the benefits of the communication itself, another operational benefit of automated phone and text notifications is that message reporting that can aid in resolving customer disputes.


“The biggest benefit of PhoneTree VoiceWave® Premium was how we found a way to get to the clients and letting them know about our promotions …”

Nylmarie Torres
Casino del Mar at La Concha Resort
Puerto Rico

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