Delivery reminders make a difference to your customers

One of the greatest causes of customer dissatisfaction in the bottled water industry is missed deliveries. Customers are busy, and they are used to getting reminders from most businesses. Just think – when was the last time you ordered something from Amazon and didn’t get a delivery reminder? Customers EXPECT timely reminders.

Automated notifications improve office operations

Your office will benefit too from sending customer reminders. By using automated calling for bottled water businesses, you can reallocate staff time to more profitable tasks, instead of spending it on the phone.

Automated notifications protect your business as well. You have access to reports that show what messages were sent and when. Automation also means that information will be delivered consistently the same – you won’t have to worry about staff members leaving out a critical piece of information.


Our bottled water clients use automated notifications for:

  • Delivery or maintenance reminders
  • Special instructions for first time appointments
  • Missing paperwork reminders
  • Past due notices
  • And more

Your messages can be automatically personalized per customer

If you need to send specific information to certain groups of customers, our solution is the most affordable and effective choice of any on the market – enabling you to target any member of your customer base with unique information automatically.

Contact one of our Sales Executives to discuss which PhoneTree solution will best meet your needs.

“The added revenue from filter change reminders, efficiencies in routes, and reminder calls on past due accounts, pays for the PhoneTree service and equipment over and over again.”

Justin Brazelton
Culligan of Ann Arbor/Detroit, MI

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