In your daily work as medical professionals, you strive for better patient treatment and for increased operational efficiency. A patient appointment reminder system allows you and your staff to focus on providing care while maintaining effective and efficient patient communication. Family practices, urgent care facilities, veterinary practices and laboratories can all use an automated patient appointment reminder solution to streamline patient notifications.

A simple, reliable tool to make patient appointment reminder calls can reduce no-shows, increase practice revenue, and lead to better patient compliance.

Benefits of a Patient Appointment Reminder System

  • Improve office efficiencies – Reduce staff time spent on the phone for out-bound calls
  • Higher patient arrival rates – Use medical appointment reminders to provide the date and time for an upcoming appointment
  • Improve patient preparedness for appointments – e.g. Include specific patient messaging such as “no food or drink after midnight” for those patients having lab work
  • Improve compliance – Remind patients of annual exams and unscheduled treatments
  • Recall patients who missed appointments or need follow-up appointments

How Automated Patient Appointment Reminders Work

HealthWave Connect® – our cloud-based appointment reminder solution – integrates with practice management systems. The software pulls contact and calendar data from your practice management system to create call files. The patient reminder calls are made during the times you choose on PhoneTree’s infrastructure – freeing you from the responsibility to maintain a large volume of phone lines. While there are certain best practices recommended for message construction and delivery logistics, each installation of reminder software is customized to meet your practice’s specific needs for patient appointment reminders.

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