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With an automated appointment reminder solution in place, your team is no longer responsible for delivering calls. Your focus now is to follow up on schedule changes after appointment reminders are sent. What confirmations and cancellations came in? Who needs to be-rescheduled? With HealthWave Connect reporting, your recent job results are the first thing you see when you login.

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Dive Deeper to Determine Follow-Up

HealthWave Connect presents job results and history in a straight-forward spreadsheet view. For example, for each patient that is sent an appointment reminder, you can see the status of that phone call, text message or email, along with the type of appointment.

What each user sees depends on how permissions have been set, and how users have customized their report views. Each user controls his/her own layout of the report view.

  • Add or remove columns
  • Reorganize columns
  • Filter results

Additionally, you can export results to a pdf, Excel or csv file.


Reporting Is Always Timely

Whenever you login to HealthWave Connect you’ll find the most recent results. Login whenever and wherever you like – HealthWave Connect is available online 24/7. If you need to look up history on a particular patient or job, you can retrieve and filter 90 days of results.

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