Benefits of Automated Healthcare Collection Reminders

No one likes to make calls about past-due balances. It’s an unpleasant chore that consumes staff time and energy, but collecting payment for patient services is vital to running a successful medical practice. PhoneTree’s automated calling services give you an easy and effective way to manage and speed-up your revenue cycle.

Collect Payments More Quickly

Improving revenue cycle management starts with data from your practice management software that is used in setting up an automated reminder for past-due balances. A gentle nudge in the form of an automated call, text message or email is the perfect follow up to invoices previously sent.

With automated call reminders, our direct transfer option allows patients to easily connect back to your office while they are listening to your message to make arrangements for payment.

Ensure Consistent Messaging

When staff make collection calls it leaves room for human error and frustration. Automated collection reminders allow you to deliver consistent messages without relying on an overwhelmed staff.

Maintain an Audit Trail of Collection Communication

A healthcare collection reminder system provides data on when collection reminders are sent, and what responses are received. You won’t have to rely on staff notes or the patient’s memory because the system provides reporting for you.

Be Sure to Follow Regulatory Guidelines

Periodically government regulations on use of communication technology may change. The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) for example, is a key player in regulating communication. It is always a best practice to obtain express consent for any and every message job. For healthcare collection reminders, it is critical to obtain express written consent from your clients before sending a collection reminder via phone, text or email.

A Solution for Any Size Organization

From single-provider practices to hospitals and healthcare systems, PhoneTree automated collection reminders can improve revenue cycle management and save staff time for healthcare organizations of any size. Request collection reminders when you start your HealthWave Connect account.

“The new application is working out great! Our clients are getting calls about their balances, coming in and paying them off. It’s a win-win for us. We love this new feature.”

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