Leverage Automated Phone Messaging to Extend the Reach of Your EHR

Your EHR is the heart of your office, and extending it to the phone gives your staff precious time back. With an EHR integrated phone messaging system, coordinating care with your patients doesn’t have to be difficult. HealthWave Connect allows you to integrate phone reminders and the EHR. Automatically remind patients of appointments coming up, and follow up with them after they have been seen. Close communication gaps and help improve adherence by automating follow up for patients with specific diagnosis or circumstances. With EHR integration it’s all done automatically based on the information in your system.

Streamline the Patient Notification Process

If your staff has been relying on manually delivered phone calls to send patient reminders and notifications, you know well that it is a time-consuming task. Once your EHR is integrated with HealthWave Connect, the integrated system automatically sends patient notifications based on pre-determined triggers.

Based on your customized rules, HealthWave Connect uses contact data and preferences from your EHR and automatically sends call, text and email communications such as:

  • Appointment reminders
  • Patient recalls
  • Follow-up notifications
  • Pre- and post-care reminders
  • Past-due notifications
  • And more

Integration Is Key

We designed HealthWave Connect for custom EHR integrations. Why? Because if your automated phone messaging system doesn’t integrate with your EHR, your staff has to manage two sets of contact lists and preferences each day – one in each system – in order to leverage the power of an automated phone system. To date, PhoneTree has integrated our healthcare solution with more than 200 different EHRs and practice management systems. Because each installation is custom, the resulting integration is built to be the best-fit for your practice.

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