Whether your operations are part of a family medical practice, a dental practice, a veterinary clinic, or a larger healthcare system, PhoneTree can help you remind patients of their appointments without spending a fortune in money or staff time. Using an integrated cloud solution that is customized to meet your organizational needs, PhoneTree delivers cost effective, HIPAA compliant telephone appointment reminders to your patient.

Benefits of Automated Phone Calling for Healthcare Systems

Automated phone calling for healthcare systems makes medical practice management more efficient by reducing no-shows and saving staff time – meaning that more time is spent taking care of patients’ needs.

Practices frequently combine phone call reminders with text and email reminders to reach the greatest number of patients. They each have advantages and disadvantages.

  • Text reminders get in front of patients quickly, but are typically limited to a very brief 160 characters.
  • Email reminders offer plenty of space to convey the reminder with details and special instructions, but often go unopened in busy inboxes.
  • While less people answer their phones these days, automated phone calling catches your patient’s attention with a ringtone or a voicemail alert. Phone calls can also convey a greater amount of information over a 30- or 60-second message than a 160-character text.

For best results, we recommend a combination of all three methods to reach your patients — phone calls, text messages and email appointment reminders.

Streamline Patient Communication With Automated Phone Calling

Automated calling is not limited to appointment reminders. Once an automated messaging system is integrated with your EMR, you can set-up automated patient notifications for special instructions, missed appointments, recalls, inclement weather, and more.

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