Stop Having To Make Individual Phone Calls and Texts

PhoneTree’s automated appointment reminders provide you and your staff the ability to focus on your busy schedules without having to make individual phone calls to remind patients of upcoming appointments. Manual appointment reminders take up your precious time, and appointment cards can get lost in the mail, overlooked or misplaced by the recipient.

Custom Phone, Text or Email Reminders for Every Patient

With our automated appointment reminders system, you can personalize your reminders, using flexible data fields that capture unique contact data (a concept that is similar to a mail merge – but happens automatically in our software). This means that with one message template you can deliver a unique message to each recipient in a call job, with the information that is specific to their appointments. For example, this might include:

  • Appointment date/time
  • Appointment location
  • Name of provider who will be working with the client
  • Special instructions based upon the type of appointment

The illustration below gives you an idea of how messages are constructed in our cloud-based HealthWave Connect solution.

constructed patient reminder message

Healthcare providers can improve operations and profitability by automatically reminding patients of scheduled appointments. PhoneTree provides custom solutions to meet a variety of budgets and operational requirements. Contact us today to learn more about putting our healthcare solution to work for you.

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