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Whether it’s an appointment reminder to ensure your schedule is filled, gentle prodding on follow-up visits and preventative care, or a timely notice that an invoice is due, you want to be able to reach out and help your patients stay on track. And you want the way you communicate to be simple and effective for your staff and your patients.

PhoneTree HealthWave Connect can help with a customized solution to match the needs of your practice. PhoneTree works with the healthcare industry to provide automated appointment reminders that are designed specifically for each practice, and personalized for each patient.

  • Appointment reminders
  • Special pre-visit instructions
  • Collection notices
  • Recall notices
  • Pre- & post- care instructions
  • And more…

Benefits of HealthWave Connect

Reduces no-shows. Some practices have reported a no-show reduction of more than 50 percent.

Enhances patient compliance. With automated reminders, patients are encouraged to attend appointments and follow special care instructions.

Collects patient responses.  Patients can reply to confirm or cancel appointments via touch-tone responses, text replies or email replies.

Increases office efficiency by automating repetitive patient communication. Our automated patient reminders free your staff to focus on other tasks, and ensures that message content is consistent for each patient.

Provides the most comprehensive customization to meet practice needs. Some options you control on your own so you don’t have to wait on a service call or create a service ticket to be completed at a later date. Our technicians manage other more complicated configuration options to ensure the system works smoothly.

How Our HealthWave Connect Solution Works

how phonetree works

Integration Makes It Easy

HealthWave Connect integrates with all major EHR and practice management systems so you don’t have to maintain patient contact information in two different systems. Both one-way and two-way (bi-directional) integrations are available, depending upon the EHR or practice management system you use.

Comprehensive Customization

  • Control user privileges, add providers, locations, etc.
  • Modify and preview message scripts.
  • Record messages or use Text-to-Speech.
  • Decide the date and time that appointment reminder calls are allowed to go out.
  • Choose the caller ID number to display for calls and the “from” address for emails.
  • Create messages in multiple languages.

Advanced Message Options

Healthwave Connect provides advanced message capabilities to deliver your automated calls, texts and emails, including the ability to customize message options according to patient touch-tone responses; deliver phone calls to multiple phone numbers for an individual patient; and to combine messages within a family for multi-appointment reminders.

Robust Reporting Options

  • Admins can create and assign report access according to user permission levels.
  • Users can set preferences for report appearance.
  • Access up-to-date report results.
  • Receive detailed invoicing itemized by provider and location.

HIPAA Secure

HealthWave Connect provides secure data protection. All data is transmitted through 256 bit encryption over TLS. As you should expect, our solution is HIPAA secure with certified secure data transfer and HIPAA-compliant patient data protection.

“Our staff was frustrated because there was not enough time to call patients to remind them of their appointments. We love HealthWave Connect. It’s an easy to use solution that saves at least 1-2 hours of staff time each day.”

Paulette Stuart
Arthritis Associates
Hattiesburg, MS

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