Communicate quickly and easily with your clients, patients, members, students, or employees.

PhoneTree’s automated calling system can be customized to suit your needs, delivering voice, text and email messages to contact lists based upon your parameters. Integrating our automated calling service into your client communication strategy helps improve loyalty and compliance, decreases no-shows, increases profits, recovers lost revenue and frees up your staff to perform other important tasks.

Benefits of implementing one of PhoneTree’s automated phone services:

  • Automated delivery of group voice, text and email messages
  • Multiple custom message options you can prepare in advance and on-the-fly
  • Multi-user logon to a single account for cloud-based products
  • Anytime/anywhere access to cloud-based products with an internet connection

HealthWave Connect® Patient Communication

HealthWave Connect is a cloud-based automated calling system for medical practices that require high speed delivery of appointment reminders and patient notifications, true SMS texting, integration with practice management software, and advanced customization options to fit the specific needs of the practice.

Whether your business is an automotive repair shop, a daycare center, or a hospital, PhoneTree’s automated calling systems are designed to simplify communications. Contact us for a quote or a free demo.

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