Increase Arrival Times And Reduce No-shows

Increase your patient arrival rates with automated appointment reminders that use phone, text, and email to gently remind your patients of upcoming scheduled visits. Our medical appointment notification software gives your practice the ability to schedule message times, customize the information patients receive and give your patients the opportunity to confirm or cancel their appointments so your schedule stays booked.

HealthWave Connect offers automated appointment reminder calls that utilize your practice management software data to create detailed, personalized messages for your patients. Our sophisticated phone messaging software can even recognize voicemail, so you can have two separate messages per patient contact. The caller ID for appointment reminder calls will be from your practice. There is even a family messaging option that consolidates all the information for multiple appointments in a household on the same day into a single automated appointment reminder call.

HealthWave Connect also offers automated text appointment reminders and automated email reminders to give you a combination of options in your communication strategy.

We offer two-way communication for our phone, text and email messages.

  • Phone – Your patients can press a button to be instantly connected with your office
  • Text – You see your patient’s text replies for confirming, cancelling or rescheduling in your reports
  • Email – Your patients can confirm their appointments right from the email

We recommend text-to-speech for operational efficiency, accuracy and optimal patient experience. However, you can also record patient reminders. Listen to some of our sample messages to hear recorded examples of common patient appointment reminders.

What Reminders Can Do For Your Practice

  • Reduction in no-shows: One example of the power of using phone appointment reminders to communicate with patients is our client Elmbrook Internal Medicine in Brookfield, WI. They were able to reduce no-shows by 83 percent!
  • Reduction in expenses: The cost of mailing patient reminders is only going to increase, and staff members manually calling each patient is not the best use of their time. By using an automated appointment reminder system you can be sure your messages are delivered inexpensively, accurately and quickly.

How the process works:


Here is a quick overview of how automated messaging can meet your needs.

  1. Our sales executives consult with you on the best communication strategy to meet the individual requirements your practice.
  2. The installation team helps set up your message scripting using text-to-speech, your personal recordings or our professional voice talent to maximize patient engagement and response to your notifications.
  3. HealthWave Connect can deliver your medical appointment reminder notifications at any time you choose, giving patients an easy way to confirm or cancel appointments, or transfer back to the office to speak with your staff.
  4. Once the appointment reminder software integration is completed and active, our reporting gives you information on who received the message, who responded to messages, and more.
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