Casino Case Study ImageClient: Casino del Mar at La Concha Resort
Location: Puerto Rico
Size: 20 game tables and 248 hotel rooms
Solution: PhoneTree® VoiceWave® Premium

Connecting With Hotel Patrons

Casino del Mar at La Concha Resort In Puerto Rico was built in 1958 as a part of the Modernism movement in Puerto Rico. Famed architects Osvaldo Toro and Miguel Ferrer designed the hotel. The hotel offers its patrons elegance, sophistication, and cutting-edge gaming in a friendly hotel environment. Prior to 2011, the casino staff spent hours each day manually calling guests notifying them of exciting events and promotions happening within the casino. Since then, they have used PhoneTree® VoiceWave® and seen a dramatic change in the ability to connect with hotel patrons.

Before VoiceWave®, Casino del Mar’s staff manually sent text messages and called the many guests visiting the casino to alert them of events and promotions. With manual messaging, staff was unable to spend valuable time in other areas of customer service and promotion. Now with VoiceWave®, calls and texts can be scheduled ahead of time and automatically be completed in a fraction of the time. Messages delivered in multiple languages Messages received by casino customers not only come in English but also Spanish and Mandarin. PhoneTree’s VoiceWave® Premium solution has a customizable language option that allows business owners to send messages in multiple languages. By utilizing this option, Casino del Mar has been able to successfully reach out to patrons in their native language. Casino del Mar has upgraded their software and added additional phone lines to compensate for their growing number of customers. Employees now focus on other tasks after completing setup of the weekly phone calls.

By using the 24-line system, Marketing Manager Nylmarie Torres, explains how easy PhoneTree is to use.

Many calls can be produced at the same time, and more people are getting the message in a short time… Scheduling the calls to get promotions out at the time scheduled also helps us get into different markets. The biggest benefit of PhoneTree VoiceWave® Premium was how we found a way to get to the clients and letting them know about our promotions … at the same time we are getting a report of the connectivity.

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