case-study-MPP-Infusion-CentersClient: Multispecialty Physician Partners, LLC
Locations: Multiple clinics in Texas and Colorado
Solution: HealthWave Connect

Reducing the Administrative Burden for Delivering Reminders

When Multispecialty Physician Partners hired Conrad Cordova as the Clinical Operations Project Manager, one of his first projects was to reduce the administrative burden by researching and choosing an automated patient communication system. In addition to pleasing the administrative staff, Conrad also needed to make sure the IT department was satisfied with his choice of automated messaging platform. A top of mind consideration was ease-of-use. Not all of the administrative staff members are tech savvy, so the system needed to be easy for anyone to use. Was automated communication an option in the EHR system, and if so, was it the best choice? While the EHR offered a viable alternative, Conrad had concerns about price and responsiveness. Price was important as well. The solution needed to have competitive rates and reasonable contract terms. Ability to satisfy security concerns was critical.

Choosing HealthWave Connect for Patient Touch Points

After significant research and conversation, Conrad chose PhoneTree’s HealthWave Connect – a hosted solution – as the patient communication platform to serve the seven infusion centers that are currently part of their operations.


  • HealthWave Connect is easy-to-use
  • Strong customer support
  • PhoneTree has attractive per-call and per-contact rate structures
  • Flexible contract terms
  • Security

Conrad found the installation process to be smooth, despite an out-of-the-norm IT request.

Our installation was a little different because of the security settings for our network. The PhoneTree support techs were savvy and able to be flexible for our environment.

The infusion centers now use HealthWave Connect to send appointment reminders, emergency alerts and other important notices such as pre-screen reminders by phone. The usual volume is about 50 calls per day, but sometimes it can exceed 100 calls per day. Conrad reports that the experience has been great.

It’s important to have the ability to get help when I need it without having to wait on hold. PhoneTree has the shortest wait times, and my experience has always been first-call resolution.

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