According to results of a recently published study in the Annals of Family Medicine, age, income, education and trust in clinicians impacts how willing patients are to share health information electronically. Across all of these dimensions, patients are less willing to share information that they consider to be “sensitive or complex.”

The types of information presented to patients for consideration were:

  • Appointment reminders
  • General health tips
  • Medication reminders
  • Laboratory and test results
  • Diagnostic info (e.g. medical illness, vital signs, lifestyle behaviors, symptoms, digital images and video)

Here’s a general summary, but please read this article for more detail:

  • Most patients across all dimensions are willing to exchange appointment reminders electronically.
  • Older adults are less willing to share any info over a mobile device.
  • Patients without at least a bachelor’s degree are less willing to share most types of health info.
  • Lower household incomes indicate less willingness to share certain types of info.

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