Brittany Lance

10 Automated Communications to Improve Patient Experience

The healthcare industry shift to value-based and patient-centered care has made improving the patient experience a major focus for many organizations. Learn 10 examples of how automated communications improve patient experience in this blog post.

Brittany Lance

Are Text Message Appointment Reminders Effective for Reducing No-Shows?

When a patient does not show up for an appointment without cancelling or rescheduling, it costs the practice money and staff time and affects the patient. In this blog post, learn how several studies have answered the question, “Are short message service (SMS) text message appointment reminders effective in reducing no-shows?”


Tips to Better Population Health by Improving the Patient Experience

An improved patient-provider relationship results in an improved patient experience—along with better population health outcomes and reduced costs from missed appointments. Read this post to learn more about how communication tools and technologies can improve patient experiences.

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