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Streamline Practice Operations With Automated Patient Reminders

Software to deliver automated patient notifications is a must-have tool to reduce patient no-shows while improving office efficiency. With HealthWave Connect – our cloud-based patient reminder solution – it’s easy to send patient notifications using automated phone calls, SMS text messages and email.

Practice Management Tools That Make Your Work Easier

Use HealthWave Connect to quickly send patient appointment reminders – increasing patient compliance and supporting your audit trail for patient communication. You can also send patient collection reminders to shorten the revenue collection cycle, inclement weather notifications, patient recall notices, and much more.

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HealthWave Connect offers the most comprehensive customization to meet practice needs.

Some options you control on your own so you don’t have to wait on a service call or create a service ticket to be completed at a later date. Our technicians manage other more complicated configuration options to ensure the system works smoothly.

After configuration your healthcare practice can:

  • Control user privileges, add providers, locations, etc.
  • Modify and preview message scripts
  • Record messages
  • Decide the date and time that appointment reminder calls are allowed to go out
  • Choose the caller ID number to display for calls and the “from” address for emails

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HealthWave Connect Is Secure

We follow certified secure data transfer and HIPAA compliant patient data protection protocols. All data is transmitted through 256 bit encryption over TLS.

Calculate Increased Practice Revenue

With an automated patient appointment reminder solution you can reduce patient no-shows substantially. This has a very direct and quantifiable impact on your practice income. Estimate the revenue your practice can gain from implementing PhoneTree’s patient reminder solution.

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