PhoneTree® Automated Calling for Businesses

Easy-To-Use Custom Phone Messaging Services

As a business owner, you need a way to efficiently and accurately deliver messages to your customers and employees. With a thousand tasks to accomplish in any given day, sometimes delivery notifications, collection reminders or schedule change reminders fall through the cracks – which can lead to unhappy customers. Use a PhoneTree solution to automate the process.

Automated Customer Communication Helps Protect Your Business

Beyond the benefits of the communication itself, another operational benefit of automated communication is message reporting that can aid in resolving customer disputes.

PhoneTree Systems Can Deliver a Wide Variety of Messages

Here are some ways our current business clients are using their PhoneTree systems.

  • Appointment and meeting reminders
  • Special offers, discounts, promotions for customers
  • Schedule changes and cancellations
  • Staff communication
  • Service reminders and maintenance tips
  • Pick up and delivery reminders
  • Route delivery reminders
  • Past due notifications
  • Re-order prompting
  • Chemical application notifications
  • Referral campaigns

PhoneTree Offers Automated Communication Solutions to Meet any Budget

Some businesses prefer to make a one-time purchase of an on-site calling solution that they own and control for years to come.

Others prefer to use our cloud-based messaging solution and only pay for the service as they use it.

Contact one of our Sales Executives to discuss which PhoneTree solution will best meet your needs.

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