PhoneTree is an important part of our everyday operations and is a strong point of differentiation between us and our competition. PhoneTree is a great product for communicating with our customers!"

-Jeff Larson, Rock Valley Culligan, Rockford, IL


PhoneTree FAQs

What type of phone line does the PhoneTree hardware require?
The PhoneTree hardware requires standard analog phone lines. Analog lines support standard phones, fax machines, credit card machine and modems. These are the lines typically found in your home or small office. Digital lines are usually found in large, corporate phone systems.

Will PhoneTree work with a digital phone system?
Most digital phone systems have the capability of providing a basic analog line, often referred to as a POTS or Plain Old Telephone Service. 

Does PhoneTree require a dedicated phone line?  Can we use our fax line/credit card phone line for our PhoneTree?
A dedicated phone line is not required, however we recommend it. Using a phone line shared with other devices such as a fax machine or credit card machine, could result in some or all of your calls not being completed due to interruptions.

Is a dedicated computer required or may I use my computer while PhoneTree is making calls?
PhoneTree is designed to operate in the background, allowing you to use your computer as you normally would. However, the speed of your processor and the amount of RAM in your computer will affect how many applications may run while you are making calls with PhoneTree.

Is Internet access required? 
For hardware units, high-speed internet access is required for support, remote installation or to connect with the PhoneTree servers.  Additionally, HealthWave Hosted and VoiceWave Online require a high-speed internet connection.

How many people can I call with a system? 
PhoneTree can make up to 60 calls per hour per line.  The total number of calls your system can deliver depends on the length of your message and some of the other calling option settings that may extend any given call, as well as the total number of PhoneTree lines you purchased.  To determine the correct number of lines you require, please contact a PhoneTree representative.

Who does the recording?
Anyone you choose can speak into the headset microphone and record a message.  Additionally, if you have the Text-to-Speech feature, a synthesized voice (either male or female) is available and can deliver your messages.  For studio-quality recordings, Studio Recording Sessions are available for purchase directly from PhoneTree. For more information, please contact PhoneTree Customer Support.

Is there a way to send messages remotely?
Yes, with the Remote Operation with Voice Prompts feature you can start a new contact job by accessing your VoiceWave system  using any touch-tone phone from anywhere at anytime.  You are able to remotely access most major functions, including recording your message, selecting whom to call, changing the calling times and more.

What are the minimum computer system requirements to use a PhoneTree?
To ensure you have the proper system requirements, please link to the appropriate PhoneTree model.

Will PhoneTree work on a Mac?
PhoneTree products can be used on a Mac with the appropriate software allowing you to install and run Microsoft® Windows® and Windows-based applications on your Intel-based Mac; such as BootCamp® available from Apple®.  This is not recommended for our rackmount systems.

Will my PhoneTree system understand if it is an answering machine?
PhoneTree automatically detects when an answering machine picks up, and waits for the ‘beep’ to leave your message.

Can we program on which attempt the system will leave a voice mail? What happens when the system gets a busy signal?
The Call Wizard option is designed to walk you through these advanced messaging options. Choosing call options allows you to set numerous specific call settings including on which attempt to leave a message or what happens when the system gets a busy signal.

Does the software support multiple languages?
Your PhoneTree has the ability to deliver vocal messages in different languages to members in your call list (this feature does not work for e-mail messaging). You can use this feature with importing a file or by manually building your call list in PhoneTree.

Does customer support of the software cost extra?
We offer three levels of support to serve you:

  1. Premium service with Annual Service Contract
  2. Pay-Per-Incident
  3. Short answer e-mail (Free)

If you have a service contract or choose pay-per-incident, someone will call you back to troubleshoot your problem. If your question can be answered with a short answer, you may choose the "Free Short Answer" option.

What number shows up on the recipient’s phone caller ID if PhoneTree makes the calls for us with one of our Online Solutions?
For HealthWave Hosted and VoiceWave Online, you control which phone number will appear on Caller ID when using a PhoneTree Solution by utilizing The Caller ID feature.

Can we email people on our calling list?
Many PhoneTree solutions can be configured to send e-mail, FreeText™ messages and/or Advanced Text Messaging.  To see if your system supports email, please check the appropriate ‘Full Features List’ for your product.

How does the FreeText™ work?
By using PhoneTree’s FreeText™ feature, you can send text messages to anyone free of charge* by adding their cell phone number and mobile provider (Verizon, AT&T, etc.) to your list.  This option is only available with the VoiceWave hardware products.
*Carrier charges may apply to some recipients based on their data plan.

What is Advanced Text Messaging?
Advanced Text Messaging conveniently sends SMS text messages to anyone, whether or not you know their mobile provider.

How does HealthWave receive the file of our patients from our practice management software?
Each practice management software package (PMS) has a different way of exporting a file that HealthWave can use.  For specific information, we have many commonly used PCS systems listed at phonetree.com/appointmentfilehelp.   This site contains downloadable instructions for many of the PMS systems available, in PDF format for easy viewing and printing. In the event that your PMS does not appear in the list, contact PhoneTree Customer Support.

Is HealthWave proven to reduce our no-shows?
With PhoneTree Patient Messaging, every designated patient automatically receives an appointment reminder call — not just a few, which is common when busy staff members are responsible for calling.   Patients can also confirm their appointments by pressing a number on their telephone key pads. The result – a reduction in no-shows as well as more opportunity to fill canceled appointments.  This translates to a substantial return on investment.

In HealthWave are there touch-tone responses from the patients when they receive the calls?
In HealthWave you can ask the patients to press 1-4 for whatever reason you like and craft a simple response when they press that key. Zero is reserved for transfer, 5-8 for language codes and 9 for special behavior. Results of which patients pressed specific keys will display in your reports.

What applications does HealthWave provide besides appointment reminders?
In addition to making appointment reminder calls, you can set HealthWave to call for other basic applications such as recalls, no-shows, rescheduling, collections, new patients, new services or birthday greetings. Or any other purpose for which you can come up with a message and a list of people to call and their phone numbers.

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