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PhoneTree® makes it easy to keep in touch with groups, using the tools everyone has come to depend on – phone, text and email messages. 

As innovators of automated messaging, PhoneTree knows better than anyone the little things that make a difference in successfully reaching constituents. Known and trusted for 25 years for our automated calling and messaging systems, PhoneTree offers a variety of reliable, labor-saving communication solutions to help you connect with customers, parishioners and patients. 





Whether you need an efficient way to send automated appointment reminders or a comprehensive communication program that helps improve overall patient health, you want HealthWave® automated calling and messaging.  HealthWave is fully customizable to fit the unique needs of your practice, so you can save time, boost revenue and provide better outcomes.

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For faith-based and non-profit organizations, a VoiceWave® automated messaging system provides a direct line of communication to your network of members and supporters.  VoiceWave ensures timely, accurate delivery of everything from meeting notices and cancellations to stewardship and capital campaign reminders – all while freeing up staff time to focus on other important responsibilities.  

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In today’s competitive marketplace you need an edge over your competitors.  Improve customer satisfaction, build loyalty and improve your bottom line with a VoiceWave® automated calling and messaging system.  For customer appointment and delivery reminders, service notices, reorder prompting and even past due notifications, you won’t find a more efficient, cost effective way to keep in touch.   

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